The Emergency Room
Room Number 4, Second Floor
Artist – Bert Pepler

If all you are after is a little TLC, the Emergency Room, will see you right. Architect, Bert Pepler, says that this project seemed to evolve for him. “Space was the departure point. The room is small and I wanted to open it up. I used the cross on the roof and the floor to lead the eye out, and then I thought; mirrors on the walls!”

Out of this, the idea of “hospital-chic” grew, Emergency Room features hospital props in PANIC cases and a mounted picture in an x-ray type lightbox. The floor is the red, flecked vinyl so common to hospitals. Rest assured, it does not smell like a hospital and, unfortunately, you have to arrange your own nurses.

The idea also emerged around Pepler’s choice of charity. Each room supports a charity and this particular room supports none other than the Red Cross Children’s Hospital.

So, if you need some recuperation time, book the emergency room, take two aspirins and call me in the morning!

About the Artist
Bert Pepler is a Capetonian architect who believes that every project is worth putting your heart into. His practice serves both residential and commercial developments and aims to treat each one with the design integrity and care it deserves - hence he has no favourite project. Typically he has gone the extra mile for the Daddy Long Legs project, raising sponsorship to complete his dream room.

3D Tour :: click and drag in the image below to view room