Travel Dog
Room Number 2, First Floor
Artist – Frank van Reenen

Frank loves his dog. His dog is called Nessbitt and he is the inspiration for room number 2 - Travel Dog. “The world would be a much better place if people could just take their dogs with them wherever they go,” says Frank, “when I go away I feel very traumatised by the thought of having to leave my dog behind. I fantasise about ways I could bring him with”.

Indeed, the beloved travel dog has had a suitcase handle fitted to his back, in the hope that he will be passed off as luggage. The room is a soothing powder blue. Frank says that as a sculptor, he stays away from primary colours as they are too harsh. The room is almost like a nursery or a playroom, and indeed, Frank is keen on the idea of toys having meaning or stories to tell.

The eccentric musing of the animators mind are translated into paintings on the wall, animated films on the DVD player and doggy sculptures here and there. A calm but crazy space for your brain to wander around in, Travel Dog is a journey all of it’s own.

About the Artist
Frank van Reenen is animated. This sculptor and animator was the first sculpture student at Stellenbosch’s arts faculty. Here he met Conrad Botes of the cult-classic Bittercomix and began to contribute to the animation. He is the creator of the award-winning animated film Suburban Mishaps, and continues to work as a sculptor to the present. His most recent series of work is called Mean Green. For more about Frank, go to his website,